Bee Seng Shipping Sdn Bhd offers a wide range of agency services for all vessel types. From tramps to liners to other specialized vessels, providing Port Agency and Husbandry Services are a core part of our business.

As a responsible and reliable ship agent, we always act in the best interests of the ship owners and ensure that their needs are met. Senior management is actively involved and our operations team is contactable at all times to provide our principals with quick and accurate information on the status of their vessels.

We have excellent contacts and good working relations with the port and government authorities, consignees, receivers, shippers, and forwarding agents in Brunei. Our good relationship with them strengthens our ability to deliver the right results for our Principals.


Full Agency

As your local port representative, we ensure that all efforts are made in order to make the port call as efficient as possible

Protective Agency

With many stakeholders involved in a port call, conflicts of interests may arise. As protective agents, we ensure that your interests are well taken care of

Husbandry Agency

When you have a vessel in port, it is important that the husbandry services are delivered on time and well coordinated with the vessel operation.


Our diversified customer base includes clients across the various sectors in shipping. The type of vessels we handle includes:

Dry Bulk Vessels

Liners / Containerised Vessels

Chemical / Product Oil Tankers

Special Project Cargo Vessels and Barges

Cruise Ships

Ro Ro Car Carriers

Navy Ships

Crude Oil Tankers

Oil & Gas Offshore Vessels

Quarry Barges

Livestock Vessels